Entity® Signature Sculpting Liquid


Designed for extreme control and championship performance.
• Fast set time
• Subtle color tone for color consistency

Item #: 101109 (114mL | 4 Fl. Oz.)
Item #: 101110 (236mL | 8 Fl. Oz.)
Item #: 101111 (473mL | 16 Fl. Oz.)
Item #: 101112 (1 Gal | 128 Fl. Oz.)

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Entity’s Sculpting Liquids are designed for exceptional workability and durability.

Medium set time allows for exceptional workability.

Exclusive vibrant color tone for color stability.

Strength & flexibility through unique cross-linking plasticizers.

Vivid color protection with UV inhibitors and optical brighteners.

Contains no MMA.





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