ENTITY Rubber Base Gel – CRYSTAL CLEAR Gummy Base Gel


ENTITY Rubber Base Gel – CRYSTAL CLEAR Gummy Base Gel

Entity Beauty has unveiled its Rubber Base Gel, a base coat that self-levels, conceal flaws and ridges on the nail, and gives a smooth and perfect look to your nail design.

The Rubber Base Gel formula has a rubberized formula that is flexible and volumizing to the nail, enabling you to shape the natural nail to the desired effect without building.

Lasting for three weeks of wear with resistance to water, chipping, and peeling, the Rubber Base Gel can be used alone or as a base layer for Entity Color, Couture LED Gel Polish.

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RUBBER BASE GEL is a self-leveling base coat formulated with a unique rubberized characteristic to provide flexibility while maintaining superior adhesion to the natural nail and color coatings. The volumizing effect helps shape the natural nail without building and acts as a ridge filler to conceal imperfections on the natural nail.