I-Lift Lashes Protein Remover pads



Protein Remover Pads

Each container has 75 pre-soaked protein remover pads. They are ideal for cleansing lashes, removing excess oil from lashes and are ideal for use prior to both lash lifting and eyelash extension treatments.

Using the protein remover pads will improve the results of your lash lifting treatment! They will remove excess oil off the lashes which would have acted as a barrier to the i-Lift Lashes sachets 1 & 2.

We recommend the use of an oil free make up remover followed by the prep pads. They will remove  any remnants cosmetics. They also remove excess protein produced by the natural lashes. This means that eyelash extensions can have a superior bond with the eyelashes resulting is a more long lasting adhesion.

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i-Lift Lashes™ is an exciting new brand that has been created by The Liverpool Beauty Company. The i-Lift Lashes™ system is exactly what your client are looking for if they are left less than satisfied with semi permanent eyelash extensions.

i-Lift Lashes™ delivers instant results that last longer than any eyelash extension or eyelash perm. This lash lifting system enhances the natural lash, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous. Furthermore, this transformation lasts for 6-8 weeks.