Halo Jellie Nail Tips – Stiletto, assorted sizes (Pack of 120)


120 Halo Jellie Nail tips – Stiletto –  contains a range of sizes

Soft and soakable – for quick and easy application

Long lasting results – promotes strong, durable gel nails

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Soft gel tips

Halo nails have created an innovative new system, enabling nail technicians to add shape and length to their client’s nails with ease and precision. These soft jellie nail tips are perfect for elongating the nails, creating strong and elegant results that are quick and easy to achieve.

Effortless application

These soft and soakable gel nail tips are especially designed to make soft nail tips even easier to apply. These flexible nail tips can be used in conjunction with the Halo jellie glue, helping to mould the tips and press them into the nails, creating a smooth, durable finish.